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From the classic 1953 Corvette right up to today's streamlined models, Corvette Mike Midwest's dealership has a showroom full of Vettes for you to choose from. You name the era, you can bet Corvette Mike Midwest has a Corvette for you. Come visit us to see.

Corvette Showroom

1953-1967 Corvettes (C1 and C2 Corvettes) Clearly these Vettes are American cultural icons and all are highly collectible. Remember the old TV show Route 66? The simple pleasure of driving your Corvette down the highway was glorified by this show. Experience that same pleasure with Corvettes that are constructed to hold up, even 40 to 50 years later!

1968-1982 Corvettes (C3 Corvettes) These are the Corvette convertibles most sought after. Corvettes in this era popularized the "Shark" shape and are great value for careful Corvette collectors.

1984-1996 Corvettes (C4 Corvettes) The editors of Consumer Guide stated: "The first fully redesigned Corvette in 15 years was more sophisticated and more practical than the beloved Shark. And like previous generations, the new C4 only got better in time." The C4 coupe was the first general production Corvette to have a glass hatchback (the limited edition 1982 Collector Edition being the first Corvette equipped with this feature) for better storage access. It also had all new brakes with aluminum calipers. The Corvette C4 came standard with an electronic dashboard with a digital liquid crystal display dash, with graphics for speed and RPM and digital displays for other important engine functions.

1997-2004 Corvettes (C5 Corvettes) Let's face it, Corvette design gets more refined year after year. Corvettes from this era can't be topped in the value/performance ratio. If you are an everyday Corvette driver, the handling on these babies cannot be surpassed. And with reasonable maintenance costs, why drive where you to have to OR where you want to in any other car?

2005-2013 Corvettes (C6 Corvettes) Say what you will about the controversial styling of this Corvette, the C6, but in terms of refinement and performance, the C6 is a clear step forward from the impressive C5 design. Better integration of engine and chassis, better aesthetics inside and the LS3 motor is the state of the art in pushrod V8 design.

2014 to current Corvettes (C7 Corvettes) THE ALL-NEW CORVETTE STINGRAY COUPE. "Precision" isn't just a word. For the designers of the all-new Corvette Stingray, it was a mantra. Throwing off the constraints of tradition, Chevrolet's world-class engineers started over from scratch to build a revolutionary lightweight vehicle with the aesthetic impact and the performance prowess worthy of the Stingray emblem.

It doesn't matter which Corvette era is your favorite, Corvette Mike Midwest has the Corvette for you. Stop by our showroom and drive away with the Corvette you've always dreamed of. We promise you a Corvette selection unsurpassed by any other Corvette dealer!

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