Posted: Sep 10 2020

Thanks to our great friends and customers for making the season's final CORVETTE AND CLASSIC Car Show a full house! We had 150 cars in the front, back, on the grass and cruising by loud and proud! Nice work everyone. This event was on Saturday September 5th at Corvette Mike Midwest. Check out the photos.  Special thanks to our co-sponsors at Windy City Corvettes. ...

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1953 Corvette Article

Posted: Jun 08 2020

  Our 1953 Corvette #067 has created excitement this spring. Check out this great artcile from Motorious and Yahoo! This was just the 67th Corvette ever made! Since its introduction 67 years ago, there have been many styles and versions of the legendary Chevrolet Corvette, but none are as striking as the original 1953 model year. There's just something breat...

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Buying and Consigning

Posted: Jun 01 2020

BUYING and CONSIGNING. PICK UP or DROP-OFF   1. Local pick-up is free. If you're not local, we never up-charge your shipping cost.   2. We detail and shoot professional photographs.  3. Your car is safe on our showroom floor ready for buyers.     "CORVETTE MIKE CONSIGNMENTS"WE'VE MADE IT SIMPLE & STRAIGHT FORWARD   • Marty or Bob will send a priva...

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Feel Good Story of Year

Posted: May 15 2020

Forty-four years after buying his first Corvette, a terminally ill enthusiast finds allies in a race against time to take delivery of his last. “My other car is a Corvette,” Larry told the girl as he opened the passenger door and ushered her inside. “Well, it’s on order, anyway.” Her response was a sustained giggle, followed by open laughter, and who could have ...

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Thoughtfully, We're Open

Posted: Mar 21 2020

Friends and Customers, If you have any questions for us, please give us a call or send an email. We're open and here to help you.  630-230-0441 Marty Faierstain, General Manager    "Bill Kay" Corvette Chevrolet D & M D&M BuyAVette Mershon's Flemings ProTeam Pro Team C1 C2 C3 C4 C5Corvette City Chicago Highland Park...

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First 2020 C8 Just Rolled

Posted: Feb 04 2020

Corvette diehards, your patience has finally been rewarded. General Motors has just announced that the first 2020 Corvette C8 has rolled off the line. GM spokesperson Chris Bonelli told Robb Report the eighth-generation ‘Vette has hit the assembly line today, and the news couldn’t have come a day sooner. In fact, car nuts have literally been stealing wheels of...

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Corvette Bro's Bond!

Posted: Feb 01 2020

These brothers bond over their co-owned 1972 Corvette. Watch this amazing 2 minute video. This story hits home. Thoughtfully, we sometimes have to explain the bond we have as Corvette owners, or as enthusiasts. Is it nostalgia? Perhaps not only about classic cars since we love our newer C7 Corvettes too. It’s often about the connection to family, a sense of prid...

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Ann Shirley's Daily Driver

Posted: Jan 31 2020

Ann Shirley's 1962 Corvette was her daily driver for 50 years! The University of British Columbia nursing graduate had moved to Ohio for her graduate degree and a research job. Her father, who worked at the Trail metals smelter for 40 years, suggested she get a new Oldsmobile, drive it for two years, bring it into Canada without import duties and then he would pur...

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Barn Find 1955 Corvette

Posted: Jan 29 2020

Anyone who owns a rare classic car like a 1955 Corvette could tell you that car collectors are constantly trying to buy them up, and that’s the exact reason Bob Doucette put his 1955 Corvette into hiding — that, and wanting a safe place to preserve the car. Doucette has owned the car since his father gave it to him as a late graduation present in 1968. His dad w...

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2019 MCACN Show

Posted: Nov 23 2019

  Join us at the MCACN this year. We are featuring our 1953 Corvette VIN# 067. MUSCLE CAR AND CORVETTE NATIONALS• Donald E. Stephens Convention Center• November 23 & 24, 2019• $30 at Door• $25 from Corvette Mike Midwest • Contact Kelly Oliver•• 630-230-0441  Here’s the intro to 2018 V8TV Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals: ...

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700,000 Mile Corvette

Posted: Nov 13 2019

A Florida driver and business owner has taken his Corvette over 700,000 miles –logged on his 16-year-old sports car, according to two YouTube videos. If true, he is only 300,000 miles away from joining the handful of vehicles that have logged one million on their odometers. A Florida driver took a 2000 Chevrolet Corvette out for its paces, but the miles on the o...

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Bill Mitchell's X Racer

Posted: Oct 31 2019

In 1957 Bill Mitchell wanted to build a Corvette racecar capable of beating Europe’s best. With an AMA ban on manufacturer-sponsored racing, the project had to be privately financed and the design could not have any recognizable association with Chevrolet. With Mitchell’s own time and money heavily invested into the project, he contracted Larry Shinoda to assist ...

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Our Triple Concours Show

Posted: Sep 29 2019

We are hosting the NCCC Triple Concours Corvette Show. Along with Windy City Corvette Club, Corvette Mike Midwest is sponsoring the National Council of Corvettes Club prestigous competition.  Join us for this premier end-of-season Corvette Car Show, sponsored by Windy City Corvettes. It’s an official NCCC event with over 120 cars expected for judging. The “De...

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Open House on May 4th

Posted: May 04 2019

Hi Folks, please join us on May 4th for our first Open House of the season. We’ve got 26 cars on the floor. We remodeled. The shop now has 6 service bays, and we’re going to have food, music, tech tips and of course, Corvettes and classic cars.  "Bill Kay" Corvette Chevrolet D & M D&M BuyAVette Mershon's Flemings ProTeam Pro Team C1 C2 C3 C4 C5Corvette C...

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Leno, Biden Secret Service

Posted: Apr 19 2019

This is still one of our favorites. In this sneak peek of Jay Leno’s Garage, Vice President Joe Biden does a burnout in his ’67 Corvette Stingray as Jay Leno rides shotgun. There’s no debating who has the need for speed in the White House. Watch all-new episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage.    

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The Sinkhole Remembered

Posted: Feb 12 2019

At 5:39 a.m. on February 12, 2014 at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Mother Nature struck in a very unkind way. A 40-foot sinkhole opened up inside the Skydome and eight rare and unique Corvettes took a 30-foot plunge to the bottom. The disaster was also caught on film in case anyone doubts this really happened. Never let a crisis go to ...

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Chicago Auto Show & us!

Posted: Jan 05 2019

The Chicago Auto Show is the premiere “new car” show in the country. It’s bigger than any other auto show and includes specialty cars and classics. Not enough people know about the classics! We’re looking forward to another Chicago Blackhawks Day including a visit from former Chicago Blackhawk Bobby Hull to the Chevy Dealers exhibit at Noon, Friday February 15...

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